2021-11-19 09:15:55 +0000


isn't it crazy that the lenses through which we identify ourselves and recognize others are entirely controlled — financially and aesthetically — by corporations?

isn't it fucking ridiculous that your family photos have statistics underneath them? and that all this data is taken from you and sold to capitalists selling mostly garbage?

I'm not even mad about being exploited anymore, I'm numb to that by now. the real problem is that the landlord won't let me paint the walls.

so I have created a new place. I will keep renting my apartment over at — the neighborhood has its perks — but I think I will spend more time at the home I own, here at

I wanted to take my digital self out to the woods and build a cabin.

out where there are no ads. I am so tired of ads.

ads from companies, ads from my friends, ads from myself.